Internet and TV on Yachts

Enhance your at sea connectivity with a satellite

Cruise Ship

Wifi for Passenger Cruise Ships

Let passengers benefit from reliable and cost-efficient wireless

Naval Ship

Satcom solutions for Naval ships

Marine satcom antennas to withstand the most demanding sea conditions

Oil Rig

Oil & Gas Offshore connectivity

Downtime on an oil rig comes at an exorbitant cost.

Fishing Boat

Broadband on Merchant Vessels

Communication solutions that enhance business efficiency and support crew morale.

Merchant Vessel

VSAT for Fishery / Workboats

Making communication possible for long periods in hazardous conditions

Expertise in Offshore Satellite Communication

More Information

For several years EPAK has been collaborating with important partners such as EADS Astrium, DLR, IMST and governmental and public institutions, including the University of Applied Sciences of Leipzig and the University for Telecommunications of Leipzig.