Entertainment Systems for Offshore Crew Members

Consumer demand for connectivity is ever-increasing, just as technology is ever-progressing. And with new satellites going into orbit regularly, who knows what the future holds for global internet.

Flat panel antennas and terminals have already been successfully trialled by e3 Systems and Kymeta on board superyachts. These flat panels deliver ‘fully integrated, high bandwidth maritime communications and entertainment’.

UK-based start up Seanternet is in the process of creating a Wi-Fi communication infrastructure. This will be positioned on yachts, boats, commercial ships, buoys, platforms and other suitable floating devices, providing wireless communication when close to shore. Being based on WiFi, it can provide internet services at a fraction of the price of satellite currently.

It will certainly be interesting to see how these alternatives progress. Stay tuned, and please contact us to discuss your own VSAT needs.

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