VSAT DSi13 Ku (130 cm)

EPAK's latest innovation in maritime satellite communication is the VSAT DSi13, a maritime satellite antenna for Internet connection operating in Ku-band.

The 130cm diameter dish system is so far the largest antenna in EPAK's portfolio. Its high-end technical features allow reliable functionality even in regions with fading signals or under harsh weather conditions.

The VSAT DSi13 is a 3-axis motion maritime satellite system with a 130cm diameter dish that provides first-class performances and it is reliable even under the most difficult conditions.

The 3-axis motion system make the antenna free to move and point to whichever direction the satellite is.

The VSAT DSi13 has been designed for addressing the communication needs of superyachts, oil and gas platforms, navy boats and frigates, cruise ships and all other vessels demanding for a strong and reliable but yet easy to install satellite system for Internet at sea.


130 cm

Radome dimensions (D/H)

153 cm x 168 cm


120 Kg




-20° to +115°

Skew Movement

-120° to +120°

Max. tracking speed



8 W / 16 W / 25 W / 40 W

Satellite acquisition

completely automated


0633 6437 284 77

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Feed subsystem
Reflector diameter 130 cm (51.18")
Minimum E.I.R.P. 41 dBW
LNB Universal (LOF 9.75/10.6 GHz, PLL stabilized, internal ref.)
BUC Super extended Ku (LOF 12.80 GHz, PLL stabilized, external ref.)
Available BUC power 8 W / 16 W / 25 W / 40 W
RX antenna gain 43.1 dBi @ 12.5 GHz
TX antenna gain 44.3 dBi @ 14.25 GHz
RX/TX polarization Linear (Co-pol and X-pol)
G/T >20.9 dB/K (clear sky, 30° elevation)
Position acquisition Internal GNSS (GPS / Glonass / Galileo / Beido / QZSS)
Tracking receiver Internal, 950 - 2150 MHz; BW 0.5 – 50 MHz
Frequency band
RX frequency 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
TX frequency 13.75 - 14.5 GHz
Drive Subsystem
Tracking technology Twin RF tracking receiver + 6D inertial + GNSS (NMEA input optional)
Maximum tracking speed 35°/s
Turn rate 25°/s
Azimuth range Unlimited
Elevation range -20° to +115°
Polarization range -120° to +120°
Cross level range -45° to +45°
Maximum ship motion Roll ±30° @ 9 sec
Pitch ±20° @ 9 sec
Yaw ±8° @ 12 sec
Ship motion (for stabilization accuracy tests) Roll ±30° @ 10-12 sec
Pitch ±20° @ 8-10 sec
Yaw ±8° @ 15 sec
Motion system 3-axis plus auto skew
Power Specifications
Power supply antenna (ODU) 48 V DC (supplied by ACU)
Antenna input voltage TX (BUC) 25 W BUC and less: 24, 30, 48 V DC / 250 VA (supplied by ACU)
40 W BUC: 48 V DC / 350 VA (supplied by additional power supply)
Power consumption (ODU excl. BUC) Up to 180 VA (supplied by ACU)
Lock on time Typ. 30 sec (Time to Online depends on modem)
Satellite acquisition Completely automated by DVB-S2-Receiver and/or Modem confirmation (according to ETSI 302 340)
EPAK Diversity-Kit compatible Yes
Modem approval Standard type approval; CE & EPAK type approval
Operating temperature -30°C to 55°C
Storage temperature -30°C to 85°C
Humidity According to IEC 60945, 100% condensing
Vibration According to IEC 60945; MLT-STD-167-1
Shock According to IEC 60945; MIL-STD-810F
Rain IP56
Wind Operational: < 150 km/h (< 81 knots)
Survival < 200 km/h (< 108 knots)
Compass safe distance ≥ 2.00 m
(according to IEC60945)
Compliance CE (Maritime), ETSI; Complies with specifications of EC directive 2014/53/EU Radio &
Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE); compliance with EC directive
2014/35/EU, EMC directive 2014/30/EU and IEC 301-427
Antenna Control Unit
Dimensions 48 cm x 4,45 cm x 37,4 cm (19" Rack 1HU size)
Weight 5.1 kg (11.24 lbs)
Gyro interface NMEA0183 / NMEA2000 (via RS422 or RS485 or RS232) / SIMRAD RGC11
Input voltage, frequency 90~264 V AC, 47~63 Hz
External I/O RS232, RS422, Ethernet, USB, GPIO
Local user interface OLED, directional pad, 2 push keys
Modem interface Ethernet port + GPIO
Modem protocols openAMIP / SNMP / Telnet / openBMIP
Remote access TCP / IP
GPS Built-in GPS
Dimensions, Weight and Material
Radome (D x H) 153 cm × 168 cm (60.24" × 66.14")
Weight (incl. radome) 120 Kg (264 lbs)
Radome material Honeycomb FRP


Datasheet VSAT DSi13 PRO

Datasheet VSAT DSi13 PRO

Wiring Scheme VSAT DSi13

Wiring Scheme VSAT DSi13