TVRO R4 (45cm)

Light and compact device, for marine satellite TV in calm waters.

The EPAK® R4 is a light-weighted and space-saving marine satellite TV antenna, designed to work perfectly in inland waterways or on a static structure at sea, such as gas and oil rigs and platforms.

The optional addition of a Twin LNB provides two different outputs in order to feed two separate receivers for independent working, meeting the different requirements of maritime satellite TV enjoyment. You can this way watch a good movie while your kids enjoy an episode of their favourite cartoon.


45 cm

Radome dimensions (D/H)

55 cm x 55 cm


12 Kg

Elevation range

+5° to +85°

Max. tracking speed


Number of receivers

1 / 2

Number of satellites storable


Reflector & Feed subsystem
Reflector diameter 45 cm (17.73")
Minimum E.I.R.P. 49 dBW
LNB Universal Linear (LOF 9.75/10.6 GHz) or Highband Circular (LOF 10.75 GHz)
or other LNBs on request
LNB type Single or Twin
Antenna gain 33.7 dBi @ 12.5 GHz
Position acquisition Internal GNSS (GPS)
Tracking receiver Internal, 950 -2150 MHz; BW 2.5 - 10 MHz
Drive subsystem
Tracking technology EPAK® Evo: Electronic Beam Forming (EBF-Gyro) + 3D Rate Gyro + 3D inertial + GNSS
Maximum tracking speed 12°/s (each axis)
Azimuth range Unlimited
Elevation range +5° to +85°
Skew movement Manual
Maximum ship motion Roll: ±30° @ 6 sec
Pitch: ±20° @ 6 sec
Yaw: ±8° @ 6 sec
Ship motion (for stabilization accuracy tests) Roll: ±30° @ 10-12 sec
Pitch: ±20° @ 8-10 sec
Yaw: ±8° @ 15 sec
Motion system 2-Axis servo, synchronous belt gears
Power Specification
Power supply 14-32 V DC
Power consumption 20-40 VA
Lock on time Typ. 20 sec
Satellite acquisition Completely automated by SatFingerprint technology
Satellite positions Up to 4 freely programmable active positions / Preconfigured database
Satellite selection Manually via control unit or via receiver (DiSEqC™ V1.0 command)
EPAK Diversity-Kit compatible yes
Operating temperature -20°C to 55°C
Storage temperature -30°C to 85°C
Control Unit
Power supply 12-20 V DC (powered by receiver)
Power consumption 100 mA
Dimensions & Weight
Radome (D × H) 55 cm × 55 cm (21.67" × 21.67")
Weight (incl. radome) 12 kg (26.46 lbs)
Shipping dimensions
Box type Cardboard box
Dimensions - gross weight 58 cm x 58 cm x 71 cm - 17 Kg (22.83" x 22.83" x 27.95" - 37.4 lbs)
Single Twin
Users 1* 2*
EAN 0633643728286 0633643728293

The EAN (European Article Number) is a European standard barcode for the identification of products and goods.

* It is possible to connect more receivers, then all viewers can receive the same band.

Further information can be found on the TVRO wiring scheme.


Datasheet TVRO R4

Datasheet TVRO R4

Wiring Scheme – Single

Wiring Scheme – Single

Wiring Scheme – Twin

Wiring Scheme – Twin